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During this crisis, I am offering Facetime, Skype or Zoom sessions to train from home!

During this crisis we all still need to stay sane
and healthy!

I am offering Facetime, Skype or Zoom
sessions to train from home!
You will want to get variety strength bands with handles, loop bands or hip circles and any light weights!

Let’s make the most of this situation,
I have your back!

Personal Training tailored to your goals and needs

No matter what your goals are - permanent weight loss, muscle toning, building strength, or enhancing physical performance, you'll have a personal training program completely tailored to your goals and needs. With a personal trainer, you'll achieve results much faster than working on your own.

As a personal trainer, I'll focus on your primary fitness objectives, health needs, and provide you with motivation and accountability you need to reach your potential.

Personal Training for Weight Loss

The most common challenge people struggle with when it comes to fitness is losing extra weight. Busy schedules, poor diets, lack of motivation, and accountability most often play a factor.

When people start working on their own, they are highly motivated. Often, when they don't see fast results, or they get busy with other responsibilities, they start to lose willpower and eventually quit.

With personal training, you'll have all motivation and accountability you need to reach your goals.

Helping people with weight loss is one of my specialties. It just feels great seeing people change their bodies and getting in shape. I create a personalized training program and nutritional guide for you to help you build new healthy habits designed to help you lose weight. When you work with a certified personal trainer, you'll have a much higher chance of succeeding and reaching your fitness goals.

Personal Training for Building strength

No matter how old you are and how experienced you're at the gym, strength training is the key part for improving performance, lowering injury risk, mobility, and simply feeling better. You can benefit from strength training at any fitness level and see great results. I'll teach you the basics of strength training and help you build a strong foundation.

You might see the word strength and be instantly worried about big, bulky muscle. That's not the case. This workout will build functional strength through natural body movements you perform every day without thinking about it. You will end up feeling much stronger and toned, but not looking like a bodybuilder.

Personal Training for building muscle

Building muscle has gives many benefits to your body. It increases your metabolism, which helps you lose extra fat, keeps your bones strong and dense, tones your body, lowers your stress, and makes your mood better.

With a personal trainer, you'll have a customized training program fit for your needs. A proper training program with good form is crucial when it comes to building muscle because you need to stimulate your body in the right way to build muscle. When you lift weights, your body adapts by creating stronger and more muscle mass.

When we start our personal training, we might begin with higher reps and lighter weights, bands, and cable training to make sure you build a strong foundation. Then, month to month, we'll keep increasing the intensity and weights.

There're many benefits to choosing personal training over working on your own. These benefits include:

  • Having a certified expert to help show you proper form and avoid injury while working out
  • Doing exercises with good form helps target the right muscle to grow, and maximize results you get from your efforts
  • Someone who can give you training and diet advice aligned with your unique goals and needs
  • Someone to support and motivate you
  • A professional personal trainer to hold you accountable for sticking to your routine
  • Having a routine and building habits to help you stay on track

Tasty and filling diet

Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, build strength or gain muscle, nutrition plays a key role in getting the results you want and keeping them for a long time. For that reason, I make sure you have a diet plan you actually enjoy, made off real, tasty, nutritious food. We create your diet during your first consultation session when I ask you about your diet history, lifestyle, and goals to make the perfect, customized plan.

Once the plan is in place we will track your progress and make small changes to the plan as needed. This will ensure your diet is a perfect fit for you and you're seeing the best possible results over time.

Personal training at a private gym in Culver City

It is difficult to work out in front of an audience at the gym. That's why I offer my personal training services on a private gym conveniently located at 13114 W Washington Blvd, Culver City. You'll have full guidance and support to reach your personal training goal.

It is a clean, tidy and quiet gym, with great new equipment. You never have to worry about other people disrupting your training and waiting for equipment to do your training.

It's also the perfect place to stay in shape during the coronavirus. You don't have to worry about other people, because we'll have private one-on-one training sessions. After every session, all equipment is properly cleaned and disinfected.

I can help you achieve lasting results by providing accountability, diet, and workouts you actually want to do

Clients' Successes


I've tried a few different trainers over this last year and Mandi is my fav! Her workouts are never one in the same, always switching it up. I like that she starts the first month to get your "base" stronger, if you are new to the gym, then month to month she increases weight and intensity which was just what I needed! I feel great! Definitely recommend her for anyone at any age!

I've been looking for motivation to get my butt to the gym and it never works. I found Mandi to start training to force me to get to the gym and workout. I thought I would hate it, working out again, but she made it so fun! I look forward to our sessions, they are never the same. I've gained energy and lost a few inches on my waist! Look forward to working out now instead of dreading it! Love her! Thank you!

Mandi is an awesome trainer, full of knowledge and encouragement. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to not only revamp their exercise routine, but also work on diet. She is so experienced in all things fitness related and is constantly pushing her clients to strive for their very best. Thanks for everything,Mandi!

About Me

I want you to learn how to properly train so that when it’s time for you to move on in life, I’ve done my part to help you succeed when it comes to your health and fitness journey. I truly love my clients and want nothing but the best for them!

Working out and staying active has always been a part of my routine. I realized my passion for training several years ago working as an assistant trainer at a group fitness Bootcamp. The feeling of motivating others to reach their fitness and health goals has been addicting ever since! It truly makes me happy to make others feel strong and feel great about themselves!

Free Consultation

Before starting our personal training, I'll show you around my private gym, and we'll talk about what you're interested in and what goals are you trying to achieve.

After the initial assessment, we'll create a custom training program and diet plan. I'll walk you step-by-step through the program and we'll have a quick session to make sure you feel good at the gym and we're a perfect fit.

During the workouts, I'll challenge you, keep you on track, help you keep a perfect form, and help you get the results you want.

First ConsultationFree
1h session$120
45min session$100

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