Mandi Kamish

Personal Training

1-on-1 training at a private gym in
Culver City,
Los Angeles, CA.

Online programs

Engaging and effective training programs for beginners and more advanced.

Meal plans

Tasty and easy to follow meal plans
with the food you enjoy.

I've worked with many trainers, all of them great, but Mandi is next level. She is an extremely smart, skilled trainer but also incredibly intuitive and knows how to get you to your fitness goals in a really effective way. I have never looked better, lost weight faster or gained confidence so quickly with anyone else. She's exceptional.

More than that, she has a deep understanding of nutrition and all of the other elements that go into reaching your health goals. I always look forward to our sessions. She's funny, very easy going and yet at the same time really pushes you. I LOVE that! As my health needs changed, so did her regimen. I mean, this is a woman who has researched my different health conditions and created a specially curated plan just for me that evolved as my life did (!!) She's like a health coach, trainer and confidante all rolled into one.

... and!! She has integrity. Never tried to sell me or guilt me. She just wants the best for her clients. I promise that if you put in some commitment and sweat equity, you will get it back threefold with Mandi. Highly recommended.

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