3 Reasons Why You Should Start Weight Training

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Weight Training

Here are my top 3 reasons that you should start incorporating weights into your exercise routine:

1: More Energy during the day and more rest at night.

When you start working out with weights the first thing you will notice, besides being sore ;), is that your energy during the day will increase and you should be sleeping better as well.  Endorphins are the "feel good" hormones that are released when working out pushing out energy from your body. It is what helps us perform. When you exercise those levels increase and gives you that "euphoric" feeling of F*** Ya! For most of us hehe. When those levels rise it gives you energy!! So if you have a desk job weight training is key to keep you going all day in that boring, or crazy, office work space.

Exercise also allows you to sleep better through the night since your body is tired from the day and its ready to recover. Sleep is very important with training. Growth Hormone is released while we sleep to help build and recover those tired muscles. If you have insomnia then definitely start weight training and monitor how you sleep at night.

These are the first 2 things you should notice when you start training more consistently. Better sleep, more energy and you'll be in a better mood!

2: Stronger Bones

We forget about this part of training that it helps bone density. Forget about looking good now...what about when you are older and more frail. We dont want to be falling and breaking hips when we are old! If we fall, hopefully our bones are strong enough to not break!! Women especially need to weight train on a regular basis since our bone density decreases slightly faster than men over time and especially by the time we hit 30 years old. Women are typically more susceptible to osteoporosis, especially if you are on certain birth controls. Not only can weight training increase bone density, it can improve muscle mass and connective tissue strength.

You can get your bone density checked by finding a company that does DEXA Scans. A company called BodySpec in Santa Monica does these scans for $45! It also shows you: body fat %, lean muscle mass and sizes of every muscle. Its pretty cool!!

3: Strength

Who doesn't like to feel strong? Feeling strong and not weak is SO EMPOWERING! No matter who you are!! Since I was in middle school I always wanted to be "strong". My motto was " Just because you are a boy doesn't make you stronger than me!" I was always competitive with the boys and that has brought me where I am today. It feels amazing and SO rewarding to feel your own strength, especially as you progress with your training. I personally love nothing more then to see my clients progress and the joy they get from improving every week. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME.

Progressive Overload is how you build strength. What that means is over time you gradually increase stress placed on your body by increasing weights, intensity and volume. You cannot get stronger if you train with the same 5 pound weight forever. You have to slowly increase the weights you are using. As you slowly increase the demands on the musculoskeletal system you will see and feel the gains in muscle size, strength and endurance. Keep pushing yourself!!